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Mind Brain 02:05
Now that the mind is a mess There's not much to confess Malfunction hypocrite and a dick Mind and cock beats circle runs until sick A worn down B-movie horror flick Attempt and try and try, it dies Screaming, sleeping, anger in cries Scratching and bleeding, the hatred arise Hatred cause i kill my love Fun is dead,so for it, I shove Chaos mind Chaos brain Rotates insane (Lost answers with action) Cannot find Constantly on the indecisive Can't stand the submissive I feel the need to kill Absence of satisfying fill Gotta crush, break andburn Destruction, forget and learn Loving so much, then i'm pissed as fuck Listening to you, shows that you suck You lack a brain, interest and progress Energy into the ditch, you bitch Now that the mind's allways a mess There ain't nothin ever to confess Success and failure put to the test Freeze your mind is under arrest Crush, Break and burn Destruction, forget, learn Constantly on the indicisive I feel the need to kill I feel the need to kill I feel the need to kill Chaos mind Chaos brain I'm Insane It's pain It is death it is life waste of joy breathe Got me a fuckin knife Left and right no wrong nor right civil fight fly a kite kick a wall pop a ball burn a man I'm a garbage can
Evil Dead 03:08
demodog 04:37
Boxcity 02:06
Gonna kill somebody Gonna kill them good Gonna kill everybody Gonna blow up the neighborhood I walk through without the lights on Swingin' fists and the nights on Buried underground now we're done He shot a knife out from his gun Shouts of mad terror crying Blood and sparks are now flying Tonight the moon is so full lycanthropy like i'm some kind of fool Again, it is time to waste life Sit and stare at the blankest wall Two words, you know it all Same ones replay on repeat Again, I've wasted all my time Intentions burned up in rhyme Better get this jazz to ascend Anyways our lives will end stare at the fuckin wall stare at the fuckin' wall tore down all the papers and posters took a bath with some blades and toasters hung myself to dry in the garage think I need a molecular massage So we're laughin' at all your funeral screamin' blasphemy in your church sit in silence at the party We're all a fucking joke! Bust a cap in grandmas ass Cry as your mother starts to choke Smoke dirt and roll in grass Life is a fucking joke! stare at the fuckin' wall two words, you know it all tore down all the papers and posters took a bath with some blades and toasters hung myself to dry in the garage just need a molecular mind massage A motorhome on fire for a birthday gift Everything & nothing going through your head Was born so we could end up dead I heart bread! Frustration and bricks destroys your health Fucking everybody especially yourself Let ambitions collect dust on the shelf I like pizza!
On Earth Off 04:43
Opening line forget the rhyme you got so much to say converse all night everyday feel it all ends, but your here so make i make it out for you, my dear i'm emotion of a swift wind feelings extracted from within thought misconception, isolation, we all disintegrate and this is so great;not used to coping with such a feeling other than hate and my sealing so it's strange, but not foreign and i hate to sound so goddamn boring but i know you admit that it's good and it's strange to feel so fucking good it's strange to know that we should it's pain to know pain far less more so plain and interesting, life gets me up and down just from being alive, or am i dead cause it's heaven or hell, this green gray, dead earth is still alive all to death and to be no more but this is what i want, what makes you smile and soar this is what we possibly exist for this is exactly what we are for you and this, the trees, my bee, i adore lay and walk, and talk, and fuck on the floor we've been here before but i swear i'll never again walk out the door and it's strange to feel so fucking good it's strange to know that we should it's pain to know pain far less more so plain and interesting, life gets me up and down just from being alive, or am i dead cause it's heaven or hell, this green gray, dead earth is still alive
Instability 02:21
Instability Fuck reality It fucks with me every single day People and my subconscious Unconscious Fuck consciousness No conscience Fearful bliss The day is suspicious To wall appliances And water piss Oh Satan, are you kidding? When and where, why always? On concrete screaming FUCK it's all good until it shall SUCK But not on a dick Not a flick Just a prick In your ear, stick Give it a kick And pick up a pick And take a shit Believe in every fictional story For it feels more real than your uncle talking about screen doors Clench your teeth and piss to 40 For you live twice and can't even fuck whores Boring old story Tell it again, I like the part with the rabbit and the bee Leaves me in a past that's eating today I swear I'm gay Look to the future for it's painted better than right now I don't comprehend how But right now is always too much to handle Get a grip, get a handle I'll never be able to handle Blew out the candle
Mast 11:46
electrocou 06:33
13 Monkeys 03:28
Gotta set fire to a bank and rob a mansion To distract cops as slight overthrow is in expansion Homeliness hungry raid and wreck Wal-Mart It's almost chaos and a broken brick to a start Create equality through destruction, walls fall apart Idiotic disaster flow through my veins, if you ask me it's a start Put her on TV so she can smash the set Scream about nothing purity until I'm out of breathe Cleanse the airwaves with our dirt Hobos and anarchists wearing an Annihilate-ism shirt Rock n' Roll High school is the new class Defy all illogical logic until you beat my ass Enforce a divorce of all laws and I'll applause Scream equivalent to the scratch of claws Maybe then people wouldn't point out all it's flaws Destroy and create energy since it always stalls Paint and bleed up and down these cement walls Ignorant, stringent and totally out of touch Membranes pulsate in fenced in fate rush We're creatures breathing gas too fast too much Dirtied glass, dead grass bullshit benefit punch Modern roots flesh and fruits make human bones crunch Trees overflow credit company buildings Beautiful view of animals on lawn sightings There's a giraffe on the stairs As a deer light dumb human stands and stares Fight to survive not work to die Natural step divide spreads seeds world wide 13 Monkeys Zero function 13 Monkeys Uncreative destruction 13 Monkeys A thousand structure abductions 13 Monkeys
Tom5 03:52
Big Idiot 01:20
Snow Black 05:39
Yawn followed by a sigh Enjoying new life and an old will to die Sulkage Miss Like as Morbid Even throughout joy, I find bullets to brains a habit Phobia Fear of losing intelligence Fear of control Driving down roads more familiar Sick, sick, ill, tired raw and dry And the robot that saw you cry Synapses firing off like an aimless gun Murderous undesired of a passionate invisibility Not always what you order Than how it's delivered Malfunction order My connection is severed Malfunction order Progressive disorder Ice statues weathered The connection is severed dropping down like dropping out New love, new passionless, gray route Dirty view Clean as new Reins snapping Snow solid soft sides hide air Inhale super stupicide and keep that glare Plagued by songs and sights that should have went out those awful nights At your window you'd tell me to come on in The night was ours and i sure came right in You'd smile and plead After I cleared out for you again I sat down to bleed Standing cold in the rain you wouldn't come to that window I'd call and not even a glance Tried over a millions times repeated chance Despite your earlier world, eye to eye,we would not meet Just go to bed and I'd lay in the street The road. Trying to write off my wrath Trying to jump off a bridge Just go to bed, I'll lay in the street, swept off my feet A wrath from a bridge to a highway bath Now I find salvation As you eat starvation You cave and put on shades i hit an empty room stage Not trying, and repressing all within So, why do I put this cd in?
Altered Mind further pushed A sort of head rush A sort of chemical rush A type of sanity flowing with the blood as it gushes out Failing in attempt once again to get out Leaves on the ground A perfect picture of world Tainted by the brain Fall breathing all around Cool,crisp scent from Hallowed sent Thoughts corrupting the morning streets Thoughts hiding the leaves crunching under my feet What atmosphere to enjoy A favored sight Hidden by terrible fright Still trapped in the night Still on grasp with my knife Still so fucked, Can't bear to fuck off and fly a kite Even that is a reminder Of how I'm never here unless there's something To rip, slash or to tear In through my eyes and ears I'm acquainted and disgustingly comfortable with It's the lack, it's the void, it's how the purpose is unemployed How it was ployed, how I'm toyed How I'm gone And nothing else is here Walking these streets Webs and ghouls on every house Election signs every other house It's a wonderful day But i was taken away Back to the mind to rot All these trees always flee I remember glancing at the night moon and bare trees a year ago Trying to hard to engrave them, but they go as the blood keeps its flow All the seasons, and all the same reasons Everywhere i desire, i never feel i really want to go In my head, in the situation of death is what I know All world round, Just the notes of that sound There's nothing in front of me, in my head alone They're not real unless accompanied as I go


released June 30, 2009


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DEATH CAT Los Angeles, California

Love & Madness
Experimental punk rock

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