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DEATH CAT vs X​-​Mas


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Grandma got Murdered by a Reindeer Leaving Corporate Clause’s office christmas eve You may say there’s no such thing as Killer christians As for me & the ghost of Grandpa, we believe Grandma got Murdered by a Reindeer Leaving Clause Corp office christmas eve You may say there’s no such thing as Grandma (not no more) As for pee & DEATH CAT, we don’t believe in anything She wouldn’t sell her soul nor her sweaters Out through evil elf sweatshop slave labor Wanted to keep the x-mas spirit pure Once Corporate Clause heard this..he was sure to make her disappear X-mas morning we found her body laying cold in the snow covered ditch her automobile flipped on over the blood was enough to make your soul twitch Tire trax across her fragile broken back A bullet wound right through her head (execution style) Her homemade sweaters sprawled out in the ditch brains & blood all over There was no doubt that she was dead Her sweaters coated in blood & blown out brains These were no ordinary reindeer games In that ditch we found a candy cane striped crack pipe engraved upon it was “Dasher” the killer’s name Replaced all the reindeer’s mushrooms with methanfetamine & crack Git them dangerously angry & riled up behind the wheel of an automobile, ready to whack
20 cents an hour 11 hour day 40 min break for crappy food crackin the whip on these kids make toys for western girls & boys (or whomever) this hell job seems like forever You’re under 12, can you hold it together? Violation of Labor Laws left & right not shopping could make it right so pull out your credit cards Cause Corporate Clause strikes tonight! Isoamyl acetate poisoning elf children left & right Outdated laws that don’t do shit suicide nets over a fatality pit tuck on in your tiny bunk of a cage the tears & blood across the sea To try make a buck on American children’s dreams The fear & terror fills me with some rage X-mas holiday is completely fucked up to me ICT Care doesn’t care It’s an Icy tear & wear on a child's hands & heart How the hell did this mess all start?! your holiday spirit has fallen further apart Here comes Corporate Clause Here kills Corporate Clause Killing all the world around him taking all the money takin resource stress lines through divorce Brainwash advertising Selling profit dreams Plastic over producing jingling out your wallet through your heart’s seems Coca-Cola wants to to try their sugary classic shit So they can continue to take over until the whole world is a burning pit Prove your love by buying things every X-mas year whether you need or want it better wrap a gift to show that you care obligation, stress sensation charge up your cards let’s get ready to manufacture plastic and more shit that kills kills the planet, kills our air Getting objects to show you care does it feel real or fake you’re conditioned until you break pre-programmed since birth Realize the terrible truth What else is gonna take? wanna be charged for each snow flake? I remember my Cow Rape Milk Chocolate x-mas calendar! how i loved my murder cow RAPE MILK Chocolate! x-mas calendar year ‘round, but amped up more global farts from fatality of innocent cows all dignity of life forced to bow Chinese Children Elf Slaves On the 20cent hour workin Wage Isoamyl acetate fills kiddos lungs, hey! Now they meet their grim fate Shopping malls filled for the x-mas date the jingle bells have all rung wrong come on now, don’t ya wanna sing this cheery song?! Corporate Coke Clause Crackin the whip takin all the rivers without pause Don’t ya want a cola sip?
Corporate Clause sends his message from the North Pole mother fuckers! AI advertising hacked into the minds of what we most fear and here again in the blank canvas of what snow? they appear Open fire! I thought they had retired bullets raining sideways into Moon 13 Our hideaway, how can we see? It seem to be another case of stressful misery when the bullets zip past you and me what we gonna do? take no shit from the enemy! Oh but Oshka ain’t takin no shit got an ornament grenade and he’s about to throw it this war is about to get lit when we stormin' in to fuckin' explode all it Return of the Snowman Mafia Return to no man’s onomatopoeia What’s this idea? of rat-a-tat-tat-tat pow pop bang! Now we see ya, and this attack ain’t our game goin' to war with what’s now outside of our brain semi-automatic frosty gun fanatic these monsters from my mind’s attic Holiday madness gone bat shit menacing balls of snow more deadly than one could know rolled into 3 times 4 though they’re stormin' in so we here go! bullets of ice ain’t so nice shootin' up the place times twice opposite the sound of mice and much louder than a knife and no it ain’t nice like rollin dice for your life cause it’s a gamble when this shit goes off the handle Wish I could ring the handbell for some charity of love but killer instincts kick in Now with our banana candy cane guns flippin’ retaliate! before it’s too late not makin' another dying mistake i’m gonna melt these mothers like a blood snow frosty cake
Crashing through the Snow If we die, no one will know Over the bridge we go Screaming down the way Devil’s they begin to sing We’re in a deadly fight Our bleeding wounds really sting Chaos through the night! Sleigh ride to the Death, Slay to DEATH Elf robots Oh no! Oh, what’s to come? When your sanity like the snow, completely melts away? Hey!
Snowball battle to the DEATH! This Winter Solstice We gonna get dark wet How much presents ya wanna bet that you’ll freeze & bleed down in the snow, on your knees Snowball battle to the death! exploding balls of ice & snow I see you frosty winter breathe hit in the face and there ya go Flyin and cryin winter blue icey cold is gonna get to you! grenande snowballs is all that falls besides your corpse and ice cold balls corporate cola coked santa & all here comes another snowball evil martians & elf robots ice hittin all your soft spots snow fly winter blots knickin out yo watts! corporate cola santa on coke and all here comes another snow ball!
Oh, Oshka not Tree No Oshka not a tree & despite my pink branches/Can’t you see I can talk & breathe I came from Space far away place was planet, I no longer could inhabit Cause everyone think I’m christmas tree cause I have branches Although they’re pink They can’t see My odor different stink sorry to burst your bubble I kind of short like a trendy tree Although I’m animate & you I can see “I don’t even celebrate X-mas, I’m Jewish!” Immigrated to Poland Earth After WWI migrated to USA where I live today Smuggled booze In prohibition hippy days sold cocaine in many ways I used to be mafia mofo smuggled drugs in altho Paid my dues Wayne County prison blues questioned every life decision ooo Became producer-editor for Planet 9 Films as means for honestly, to pay my bills & now no one’s guts get spilled I no longer have to kill

Here Cometh Krampus’ Claws Here strikes Krampus’ claws Here comes Krampus’ Claws right down your child’s back hear them screaming without spanking then a sudden crack! Horns & claws hooves creep ‘round the fire then dies down Not to confuse you with old Scrooge He’s cousins with Nain Rouge across their throats down the chimney, ready to strike & kill Let’s close your eyes & you can pretend he’ll vanish back into the night Christmas cookies, well hung stockings There just is no stopping Say your prayers with tears in your eyes Cause tonight, your child is gonna die Krampus knows that there’s no god you’ve been naughty, alright Use the rod & eat the child Cause it’s Krampus beast and you can’t hide!
Santanalia 04:42
Jimpy Bells 02:58


released December 1, 2019

ToM Cat: guitar, vocals, drum machines, keyboard
George Hanna-Wilson: bass, vocals on The North Pole's Mine
Harry Cloud: drums on 1-3,5,6,9
Ryan Skaggs Cat: bass on Fuck Xmas, Fly Agaric Reindeer, backing vocals,
Madelyne Cruelly Cat: triangle, sleigh bells, backing vocals

Recorded by Vertigo Sound & Light Entertainment 2019


all rights reserved



DEATH CAT Detroit, Michigan

Love & Madness
Experimental punk rock


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