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released September 4, 2011


all rights reserved



DEATH CAT Los Angeles, California

Love & Madness
Experimental punk rock

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Track Name: Space Food
I need some space food to digest
For my taste buds, for consumption
Earth food has all been worn out
All appeal on a the reel is torn out
All thoughts in your logic have all failed horribly
Every slice of purity has now been tainted
All this Earth food is old as I eat uninterestedly
All my attention pinched at ending daylight, as I fainted

A wish to be knocked out
On my thoughts of you in front wont reach out
My guts and brain in panic all swing about
Reassure it's still fresh, the texture in the mouth
My dining mission requires you to kill this deathgone moon

Apologies to the Pyramid you created to Egypt’s graves
Then I'm a king in holy death or am I their godly Death Cat desecrated?
Descended, amended scratching those trick and purring at Jupiter's tricks
Amended all dramatic vomiting

Dig me at their graves and set out a bowl
A cosine that raves and tastes out my soul
At the end of the Universe for sure
Electrons vibrating texture
Plates on dined soup eating supper
I’m sick of these plates, I need some Space Food
Space Food

Interrupt my appetite
How many organs will it smite?
A lime green glow light
In digestion's sight
Is this junk some poison
Or does it energize natural might
Is this the leading cause of death
Or is it the hunt, the gather and the
Planet of sand’s tobacco breathe?

Earth food has all been worn out
Appeal on the reel has been torn out
All your thoughts of logic have failed horribly
Every slice of purity has been tainted
Earth food as I eat uninterestedly
Attention pinched at daylight as I painted
Track Name: Artowski Start
i don't wanna do anything it's already been done
this sentence and i am no fun
lights electrify grandpa into real reeled times past
times of old when new had begun and always to last
Move in and out infinitely fast
I'll move down and around
instinctively at gasp and into last
passed at dime light dawn
it's alive and gone
they're dead on their lawn
what's more synthetic?
weekly trimmed grass
or sidewalk chalked sidewalk
I walk broken knees at and on kid's art
and i mush like true species on flowers
full of all kinds of gas talk
they're blooming even more smart
will they preserve as progress their hours?

it's all been done
lost lost now found fun, my hun
it's a new world and the old closing in order
I'd never order and neither would you with open eyes
all just flies trying to express
blind or poor damn domination takes to depress
all deceit no receipt on the viciously non nutritious lie lie lies
and now that you see and speak you're under arrest
under arrest
under her dress with her permission you're under arrest
goals of expansion peace, forget it you are oppressed
you can know eventually
but you are prohibited to roam sensually
you can express your death
but you will be held a terrorist
if you expel your breathe

your times in circles we run
old times of cages long ago begun
it's already been done
already no fun
we are the chosen never to agree ones
some art to fall apart to start a cart
cart of BOOM i wanna start
Track Name: Cosmic Error
Glimpse glass shutter scene
found cosmic thread at a seam
Rejuvenation of dilation
craft of the another system sensation
Crash master glisten
intangible dive disaster mission
Awake into a sleep Universe
un-threading at this verse

Unthread, Unravel
glimpse of a glass
tear existence out fast
time line does not 
compute when scribble scrobble last slot

Blahg black hole, whirlpool of the
other end of nothing
the nothing of everything
disintegrated everything of nothing

To realm and burn knots
A glowing eraser rots
Scream out molecules
To split sharpened monocles

Un-click the clockwork
Of synapses lost love shriek
Master up out the senseless peak
Havoc Wind shout volume wreak

Tables of elect streak "word"
History now never occurred
Comprehensive time, reaction stirred
Recognition cement moon blurred

Car engines freeze rabies
Lines crash silver daisies
Multi-millionaire mazed
Sexless widow lays amazed
Track Name: Mudrain Ghost
Suck me into time
and spit me out of space
my cell was a mess
so I reorganized the place
Rain forest hi-tech spine trash
skips into the rain in mid-day bash

Vafanculo there is no point
all that I am is just scars
got no past, candle cast
I just roll with the cars
incinerate real fast
and grow back hard within a blast

That pen is striped, yet useless
I listened, so I must be an impostor
in the posterior outer limits
limits lick to like to limit stuff around
master summits on down striped black heart down town

Implosions took out most the world
Hairs of the feared leave Manson Santa scared
of heights from the moon down to magma swirl

while gray soil (s)cents have you all hell bent
when i cash my tree check and avoid
the mists of that rent
Storm clouds always thought i was never meant

Vafanculo there is no crown
Nor rags of the richest dirt
still, i crawl from the Earth
seeing as I was never summoned from birth
to crack down all the word balloon lies

I emerge from water of the skies
storm clouds always felt I was meant
for five, six licks of death
you'll fuel the stuff, steal the such
I'd miss and make out of it so much
Track Name: Suicide Snow Beast
Complete Mission through failure
Bring perfection by being destroyed
Incomplete is complete
and in complete nothing can compete

Fighting all that stands or lays dead
Cave in and out the atmosphere in our head
Out to destroy atoms and dreams
Museums and blood, races of decaying beings
Abandon ship and abandon sled
Claws tear apart the mansion sled
Dropping all to survive from living
We're gaining the bite the cold keeps giving
Abandon ship and abandon sled
Claws tear apart the sanction bed

Self hired suicide assassin
Now destroy it as it's attacking
And cease life of the masses
from follicle to napkins

Self derived suicide assassin
Target whatever happens
Blue blood, die assure
It's sting rips a death purr

Temperature and Monsters,
taking the stairs apart
Organizations and the holes in our heart
Dropping all to survive from living
We're gaining the bite the cold keeps giving

Human flesh feast
Frost bite of the beast
Blue blood chill sends
In all of our destructive ends

Hide from your suicide machine
your creation, blood and fiend
that breathes Ice
Turn your creators all to mice
Track Name: Galaxies Snapped
i reach and i, cut off my fucking hand
nine breathes, the whole glacier can't descend
then to lust, hypocritical mind brain droid animal
no one can you, ever trust
attempt in contempt, it's never what was meant

mental break up, to build down
i've been all around, on the same moon
making a mess, with the same broom
sailed in floods, of the eyes
rode all, the broken down rides
shoes all fit, in all the wrong size
meanwhile, the broken falls of water
stream down rocks, of caves hidden
and snap snap, snip snapped
laughter in all of a sudden In the skull galaxies cracked
All under a sudden Galaxies Snapped
all in down under noises beautiful
And smooth unstrapped
All of a sudden I stop
Gain on a, new frontier
avoid the numbness, of the mirror
I sailed on religion, of lies
And the whole story, is tears of flies
And the same story, here within

here within, always fucking lies
Grey thick skies, Within with again
i am glamorous sin, i sink and burn
out from under the skin, i drown batman
in my dad's sink, i splash his plastic enemies
in my dad's sink, ancient memories
gray, black, red light pure water
now here today, gone in slaughter
was here today, gone in slaughter
i fucked your daughter
i fucked your daughter
All under a sudden Galaxies Snapped
All in down under in water
gray black and red lights of delight
vanish in and sight minds snapped
All under an hour, murder flower
Sweet as sour in the redred light
Galaxies all snapped in slaughter
I fucked your daughter
i fucked her in my sleep
Track Name: Arctic Bat Cave
Enter the cave
numb. dead. destroyed. lost.
ice shelter.

noises above in Ice darkness
blazing eyes starring

drain conscious, awareness price
off drip, slip, faint
laying in snow
in a cave

cold in snow

The Bastard Bit
zoomed from darkness
a prick, like the flip of a switch
Surroundings fluctuate

la grotta è in rapida rotazione
the noises, everything the creatures say
a torpore
off switch one way

fade out
the way out
Bright, bright, bright, brighter, bright
Dark, Dark, dark darker, dark

più scura
a morire in una grotta,
in isolamento.

-Consciousness drifting, sifting, gone.
Disaster flood all correct and wrong

snowed in mind, no
il nero assorbe il bianco.
never was no way
mie tenebre uccide neve.

Went wrong
bite at the neck
flew back into shadows
unknown remembrance to miss
glimpse like a diamond
sparkles in the abyss

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